Well it’s been ages since my last post but things have been so hectic here.

My dad ended up in hospital shortly after my last post. He had a spider bite on his arm near his wrist that was bad. The poison then travelled through his system and into his elbow joint. He woke up in the morning with his arm so swollen that his hand looked like a surgical glove that was blown up. He went to the doctor and the Dr admitted him immediately. After X-Rays they discovered that he had a fracture in his elbow joint and the poison was seeping into his bone. The Dr said if he had waited another day he could quite easily have lost his arm. He was treated immediately with high dose of antibiotics and scheduled for surgery.

I will admit was a long week that he was in hospital and an even longer week that he was home. He is booked off till the 10th of July but he has been back at work this week. His arm is still very sore but at least the wound is getting much better.

He was in St Augustine’s Hospital. It is a very old hospital with a balcony that runs pretty much around the whole hospital. He was on the top floor and the view was amazing! I’ve tried to take some pictures and night but let me tell you that the pictures don’t do it justice. He sat there so much just because of the view. I wouldn’t mind having that view from home……

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