Cats and Hair

Well it sure has been a busy month or so. Willie was away this last week for work and I was home alone. Pinky, of course, decided then to start acting up. Last week he had a sore on his back and I started putting ointment on. He managed to lick some of it and ended up with a bit of a runny tummy, When Willie left on Monday Pinky was still fine. In the following day or two he refused to eat and practically slept all day. Very unlike him. I finally got him to eat a little but not much. When Willie came home on Friday he ate all his food, became active and ran around. I think it was just a ploy. He just wanted to make it hard for me. Not to mention that last weekend he got out of the house and when we eventually found him he was sitting in the middle of the road with cars buzzing around him. He is definitely much smarter than he wants us to believe.

So i cut my hair. My hair was really really long. I haven’t had short hair since i was 10 so it was quite a big decision I’ve been watching a show where people were having haircuts and they looked amazing afterwards. So I decided to go for it. It is a huge difference and I am still getting used to it but I think it’s a nice change. It was taking me up to 3 hours to do my hair and I ended up just tying it up anyway. So, not only is it the first time there is a picture of me here but also my new hairstyle. When i was still deciding about whether to cut my hair i was looking for a way to see how certain hairstyles would look on me. If anybody else is interested I found an interesting site called You can upload a photo for free and test a limited number of hairstyles. Worked for me. Just go to virtual makeover.

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