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As I mentioned before my cousin Tara had a beautiful baby girl, Emma Teagan. Let me tell you how I got to meet her…..

My cousin Tara had been in hospital for quite a few days having tests done and baby Emma checked out. The dr’s were concerned as she was getting quite bigger and had to figure out why. I was in touch mostly via facebook with Tara and sms’s with my aunt. On Friday night I got a phonecall that Tara was induced and things looked like they were starting to happen. I was only going to go through on Saturday but it seemed like Emma wanted to come before that. SO I went through to PMB at about 10pm. As I got to the maternity I walked into Tara and my aunt doing the famous “walk around”. She was having contractions but within an hour or so they seemed to be going away. Well we rubbed her back, made her walk around and was even considering making her eat/drink something vile. Seems Emma wasn’t ready to come yet after all.

At about 1 am my aunt and I decided to head home for some sleep and we were assured we would be phoned as soon as something happens. Luckily my aunt is a nurse at this particular hospital and worked in Maternity for many years.

We were convinced that we would get a phone call before sunrise. Imagine my surprise when I woke up at 6:30 with the sun shining and no phone calls. So we packed off to the hospital again. Once there Tara was all too comfortable and not having ANY contractions anymore. She she started with her second round of induction and we walked…and walked….and walked. Again she started to have some slight contractions but they only lasted a short time before going away again. So by the time she got the next dose of the induction it seemed like the process was just repeating itself but she wasn’t actually getting anywhere. The nurses seemed to think that by that evening she would be well on her way to delivering. but she wasn’t. Another day of rubbing, walking and medicine was over and still NO sign of delivering.

Looked like Emma was staying put. My aunt and I headed home again. This time quite disappointed. The week before Willie had been away on a business trip and I only spent a few hours with him before heading to PMB and he was leaving again on Monday. I wanted to go home to see him but also stay and meet Emma. He told me to rather stay until something happened.

So I stayed. Again we went to bed with the hope that we would get a phone call during the night. Again I woke up with the sun shining and no news. My aunt had a church tea meeting so I decided to take the hour and visit my friend and meet my aunt back at the hospital when she came back. When we got to the hospital Tara was back to no contractions and no further developments. How frustrating. For all of us.

Tara just wanted to hold her baby and my aunt and I were so looking forward to it all we just couldn’t handle the anticipation anymore.

By Sunday afternoon there was still nothing and I had to make a decision about heading home. Tara and my aunt asked someone to please do a quick assessment of the situation so that we all knew where we stood. She was told that she was a little further along but not far enough to consider it any real progress. She was also told that if she had not gone into full labour by the next day they would have to do a c-section. Oh joy……

I went home after giving Tara and my aunt very strict instructions to call me should anything happen. Even just a sharp pain. By the next morning (thanx again to facebook and sms’s) there was a conclusion. By Monday afternoon Tara would be holding her baby. She was scheduled for a c-section. My aunt was going to tell me what time as soon as she knew but my midday I couldn’t wait anymore and decided to go through and rather wait on that side.

Thank goodness. Just outside PMB my aunt phoned to ask where I was as they bumped Tara up on the schedule and she was due to go in SOON. I raced there and as I got there my aunt was standing in her scrubs and ready to go in but she was waiting for me to hold all the stuff. I was too late to see Tara as she was already in theatre getting ready. I was told to sit and wait.

In a few minutes my aunt came running out with a gown for me and told me to follow her. They were letting me go and wait where Emma would come to be cleaned and checked up as soon as she was born. In other words, I was waiting with the peaditrician. How exciting. The dr was standing at the door to the theatre and she was giving me updates as to how far they were and what they were doing. All of a sudden I heard Emma. One loud cry and suddenly there was laughter everywhere. Within seconds (or at least it felt like seconds) the nurse came running through the doors with Emma. They cleaned her, checked her and warmed her up. Oh my word. I think I was crying harder than anyone. It was such a special moment. After Dr checked her out my aunt held her and we couldn’t believe she was finally there. As if by telepathy Willie phoned. At the exact moment that they put Emma down in front of me he phoned to find out how things were going. It was so special to be able to talk to him at that moment. After my aunt held her and millions of photo’s were taken I had the opportunity to hold her. She was so tiny and light and gorgeous. Needless to say I cried some more. Not my finest moment but a moment that I will never forget.

They usually don’t allow the babies to have a bath for the first 6 hours but my aunt with all her connections managed to convince them to let her give Emma her first bath. It was amazing to see how cold Emma was even though it was a stinker of a hot day and the room was heated as well. By the time Tara got back to the ward Emma was bathed and beautiful and when Tara finally held her it all went quiet. Wow, it was such an amazing day.

I can’t thank Tara and my aunt enough for letting me share in such an amazing experience. I hope you understand how much it meant to me. My amazing husband, for understanding how much it meant to me and encouraging me to do whatever it took to be there for them and with them.

So, Emma Teagan, on the 24th of November 2008 at 15h05 you graced us with your presence. 53cm tall and weighing 3.36kg you stole our hearts. Welcome to the world. May we part of your life forever and share in all your special moments. We love you.

More photo’s of Emma here

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