What do you do?

I am unsure how to deal with this. What do you do with car guards?

I am never sure what the “right” way of doing it is. How much do you pay them? What do you expect from them? If I have to pay for parking do I have to pay for car guards as well? If so then the same you would normally or a different amount?

I drive a fairly large car but I can drive it. I can park and I can stay on my side of the road. Even more so I can reverse. It drives me batty when the guard is behind me “showing the way” but so close that if I just took my foot of the clutch I would probably knock him over. I do appreciate someone looking after my car while I am not there. After installing an alarm and gear lock etc I guess we do need the extra security. Seriously though, what can a car guard do? Yes, maybe he can put them off but if someone really wants to steal my car they will. If the guy holds a knife or gun what exactly is a car guard going to do?

Anyway, I was just curious what the “right’” way is seeing as car guards are popping up everywhere and then some.

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