Spoilt much?

So about 2 weeks ago Hubby and I went furniture shopping. Yes, we are all grown up now and went to buy furniture for the first time. All the furniture we had was either from before or given. It was quite exciting and scary. It was scary to see the prices of certain things and to know that we would have to give that money out.

So we ended up buying a dining room table and chairs. We walked and walked and walked looking at different ones but ended up choosing one of the first ones we looked at. We had the choice of having the assemble it for us but we chose to do it ourselves. The main reason was that we thought we would be able to fit everything in the car if it was not assembled and of course the extra cost. Well, we ended up not fitting it in the car and they delivered it for us. If we had known that we would probably have chosen to have them assemble it for us. Hubby and my dad spent almost the whole afternoon and evening putting it all together. We were exhausted by the time we went to bed way after midnight. This is the dining table with 6 high back leather chairs.

We also decided to change our seating in the small lounge. We had 2 single seater couches in there and they were old and uncomfortable. We were originally looking for a L shaped couch to go in the but the only one we saw and liked was ridiculously expensive. We ended up seeing this and knew it would work perfectly. This way we can sit and lounge comfortably or even choose to lie down and watch tv. It is the size of a single bed but looks like a couch. I love it!!!

We also bought a new bookshelf. Previously our books were on this little shelf maybe a metre wide. When we bought the bookshelf I didn’t think all our books would even half way fill it but I wasn’t worried because we often buy new books. Well what a surprise when our books more than half filled it. Now I realise we actually have a nice collection and still growing.

We also bought a new bed. Bliss. We changed our minds quite a few times about this one. We ended up taking a bed they use in the hospitality industry. It is awesome. It is quite a bit higher than our old bed but when one person moves the other person can’t even feel it. This is great. We were often complaining about sore backs or necks when we woke up in the morning and hopefully this new bed will get rid of all of that. So far it has been great but let’s hope it stays that way.

So thanx Willie for spoiling us with all the new goodies. It looks gorgeous!! I love you.

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