1. Tamiya

    I also HAVE to eat all my dessert separately. Unless when it’s trifle and it’s already mixed. but I also have my fruit, en then the ice cream and then the custard, because that’s the best part!

    And if you give me rice and pumpkin/butternut/sweet potato I also have to mix it together. There is nothing better than that!

    • Michelle Roberts

      I know right?? Even in restaurants I do that and they always look at me like I am nuts. It is the absolute best – and ONLY – way to eat veggies. I love them though!!

      You know what? I have never ever ever eaten trifle!! maybe subconsciously because it is all mixed?! 😉

  2. ELF

    7 Random Things .. ehm .. snap! We’re soooo similar, no wonder we get along this well! Lots of love and thank you very much for the updates. I love the shift in mindset – watch this space .. you’re gonna make it big time! I believe in you my friend. xx

    • Michelle Roberts

      Elf *big hugs* Thank you! You always know just what to say.

      We seem to be two peas in a pod in so many ways. I like it.
      Thank you. For always believing in me. It’s because I have amazing people around – You rock!!

      Sorry about all the updates. My feed was broken so D fixed and you probably got a few updates 😛
      Look after yourself!
      Much love!

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