1. I actually know VERY well what this is like.
    When I first met G 2005/6, my mom and I were living in Esperia at the time and our house flooded. Whole house was flooded ankle deep, we had no backyard because the house was on an incline and backyard went down (don’t know how to say it) and so it filled from the rain. Rain was coming in from the front door and getting higher from the back yard so we had it both ways.
    I will NEVER forget that day. I had to swim in the backyard water to get my cat. It was traumatic and I’m not even more scared of storms.
    You really DO feel helpless and the cleanup is a nightmare.

  2. wowee – that’s hectic. rain is lovely, but not when it does this to your house!

    hope you can get it all sorted ASAP!

  3. Michelle Roberts

    I’ve always had a healthy respect for rain. It can really cause havoc so quickly. This just pissed me off though 😉

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