1. Shite I just went to the wiki link you gave to read up about it and maaaaan it really sounds SO sore!!
    But you’re so brave to go for surgery. It sounds facking scary to me and then being unable to do things because we take for granted how much we use our arms. It’s like WOW.

    • Michelle Roberts

      Thanks. Not brave. It was needed. Fecking sore but an improvement is an improvement and I’ll take it!!
      Thanks Hun!

  2. Dude!

    HS is awful! It only took my Dr(s) close on 15 years to diagnose me 🙁

    Thank Gd I only had to do 4 months of the Roacutane (although I think I may have to do another round at some stage), and that was actually for another skin condition on my face, getting rid of the HS was ‘just a bonus’ according to my Dr.

    I used to get them in my groin (and am terribly scarred!). I had my first one in 4 months last week and it was small and only lasted about 5 days so the Roacutane definitely worked.

    Here’s to healing and getting better and a big ‘F YOU’ to HS!

    • Michelle Roberts


      It also took my dr(s) 15 years to diagnose me. I actually just change to a new dr and he took one look and knew exactly what it was. Was a big day for me to finally know what it was.
      I use to get it in my groin my boobs and under my arms (armpits) and am also VERY scarred. Although the arms is where they started and was also most severe. I only get them about once a month now and yes, mine also last about 5 days and are much smaller. Definitely an improvement. For quite a few years I did not go through one day without having one somewhere, most often a few at a time. It’s awful!

      Thank you so much for your comment. First time ever talking to someone who knows about it let alone has it!! Feel less alone 😉

      yes, F you HS, be gone with you!!!

  3. Hi Michelle, thank you for sharing your story and for being so candid. I think it is a good idea to try to follow some of the principles of an anti-inflammatory hidradenitis diet and let us know if you really notice any improvement, especially since you can compare it now with traditional treatment options. Best of luck!

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