1. Tammy

    Just typed up a long comment and then the internet ate it. Dammit. I hope you’re back on your feet soon, I was flattened by a mystery bug over the weekend, horrid. Love your new space here, I think it’s a more accurate reflection of the person I know you to be. Not that I mean anything derogatory about HoneyB – just that I perhaps missed the evolution of who you were then into who you are now? I miss chatting to you, you know x

    • Damn internet!!! I hate when it eats comments. Happens to me all the time! urgh this bug is BAD!!! Luckily it seems to have passed. phew!

      Thanks so much. I’ve never really felt like HoneyB was me and I now feel completely at home!!
      Miss chatting you to you tons and tons!! We must do it again, soon!!

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