1. In all honesty, I just balled my eyes out now.
    And I wouldn’t label this as “Ramblings” to me, “From the Heart” is what this post is.
    And MY favourite photo is of you two dancing together.

  2. Aunty Baba

    Beautiful my darling and one thing I know for sure – your dad loved you unconditionally – exactly the way God loves us. There is nothing that he would not do for his “Shelly” – we were all saddened that day – a day when it felt that my heart was being wrenched from my chest – the heartache was terrible. However God’s amazing love and assurance that this precious brother / father is at peace and at home with his loved ones. Love you Al – forever in my heart – I miss you. I will treasure the memories that I have growing up as a child, we definitely had many a laugh and many times the two of us were in trouble with mom – however we knew we were loved and that is why you could love so easily. Love you always RIP precious AL – we will meet again one day xxxx

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