1. My favourite is this one.
    Yes I like week two’s prize AS WELL but this one has always been a fav for me.
    I’d rate ALL the prizes at 1 because they’re all damn cool, but this weeks at 1+1 and week two at 1+1/2 lol!!!

  2. This one reminds me of the polka dot nails you did for K2’s birthday a while back. cuteness.
    My favourite so far is a toss up between week 1 and week 2. I love all the colours in week 2 but I am also tempted to say blue cause hey, it’s blue!

  3. Ok, I’m new at this. Let’s see. Iv looked at all the weeks prizes and I love love love the week 4 prize. I guess the reasons are kinda strange but I really want to paint my nails like a lady bug (^ , ^) I luv red and black!

  4. leandi september

    I love week 3 and 4:) both get a rating of 1:D

    I love your prizes their super awesome:)

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