1. heidi

    Really looks awesome – I could wear this for work. As you say neutral with a little something special. Love it!

  2. I don’t like the stamping, not because it’s ugly, it isn’t, but because I’ve loved that colour forever and ever and I just want to see it alone!!!
    Yes stamp every post! Swatching and stamping works mos well!
    Or if you want you can do a “how to achieve this stamp look without the stamp”?

    • Hahaha I love the polish on it’s own too. That’s why I absolutely had to add a swatch on it’s own. I love this polish. Yes, stamp and swatch works -perfectly 😛
      Hahaha you have too much faith in my ability. I could never do this without a stamp. You totes could!

  3. Lesley

    Oooo, looks great! I’m usually not big on neutrals, but this is fabulous! You stay classy, Michelle. 😉

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