1. Aaaaaaah! Shhhhh! Don’t say things like that! Now now all the Essence stamping polishes get’s taken away *grabs note book and writes* “Must buy 10 of each Essence stamping polish month end…just in case…” Lol nah, love the post M! Especially since I do have my eye on that BPS Transformers plate!
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    • Thanks T!! I was very torn about giving away too much about the essence stampy polish goodness. I heard a rumour that they will be discontinued but I hope it simply means they will be replaced with others? Like maybe just a bottle or logo change. I sure hope so. Actually I hope the rumour was wrong!!

  2. Lesley

    Ack! I am sorry that I missed sending you happy birthday wishes! Please accept them a day belated!
    My favorite plate is also your favorite plate. I like the apple print!
    I’ve only bought glequins from the Born Pretty Store. I don’t really let myself on there because I could spend A LOT of time and money shopping!

    • Aw thanks so much Lesley. So appreciated.
      I love the apple print too. I am a bit of an Apple fan (have iMac, macbook, iPad and iPhone) so the apple print is a huge hit for me. 😛
      I would love some glequins. I really must get some. BPS is bad for me. I always spend hours there and before I know it I have a huge order. *sigh*

  3. Heidi

    My friend that is soooo awesome I need to come for a lesson. You are too talented. Love you

    • Thank you so much! Yes I also bought a plate previously that was so small that it wouldn’t even fit on my pinky. I was so sad but I just gave it away to a friends young daughter.

      The sizes of these are as follows:
      M65: 16mm x 14mm
      M78: 16mm x 13mm
      M73: 15mm x 13mm
      QA18: 16mm x 15mm

      Hope that helps! Thanks for reading.

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