• I know right? This white situation has been driving me nuts. I know the Revlon gel envy white is pretty great but it is just too pricey considering how much white I use. I did a dance of joy when I got this white. Yay!!

  1. That wear time is impressive! Our Dischem only had a few of the new “gel” range but I did buy Electriiiiiic this weekend, mostly coz I have a total addiction for cobalty blues – now I seriously have to get that white because it is perfect!

    • Yes I was quite impressed as well. I definitely think it could’ve gone at least another 2 – 3 days without hassle. Ugh, Essence stock is always such a schlep. I don’t even blame you for going straight for electriiiiiic, it is such a gorgeous colour and definitely one of the first you notice on the shelf. It is also the first one I grabbed for. Absolutely stunning. Can you imagine how gorgeous it would look with the white! 😉

  2. Renita

    oooh a good white! before I rush out and get it please tell me how application was-any problems with streakyness? also can we have these polishes for a stamping tuesday *bats eyelashes*

    • Definitely make sure you grab this one!! Application was awesome! I had no issues at all, smooth and easy. If you are careful and lean towards thicker coats you MIGHT even get away with one coat! Hehehehe Consider it done! 😛 Some of the Essence ones are actually already lined up for next weeks Tuesday stamping and the rest will be the week after! 😉

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