• LOL that’s so funny. I emailed them and they told me there were updated shades (both the ones I queried)

      New is gorgeous. I liked the old one but the new one is beautiful.

  1. Makes no sense to me. Did they fire the person that names the polishes? Why can’t they give the new colours new names? Out of these two I prefer the new one, buy would probably not have bought either for myself.
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  2. I love both but to be honest I love the creme a lil more than the shimmer. It’s just a lil more classic.
    I feel if you’re gona update colours, then update ugly ones. This shade didn’t need an update as it was pretty to begin with. But that’s just me.

    • I agree with you V. There are some other shades in the collection that could really use an update and then there are some that are just so similar and close. Leave the pretty ones people 😉

  3. That is interesting! They could have seriously just added the new one to their line under a new name because I really love both! The one with the shuttle shimmer is almost a true inky blue which hits me so hard in the “LOVE!” spot! Awesome post as always M!
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  4. Lesley

    I love that you checked your phone to see if you had the color. True nail addict behavior! 😉
    I like the newer one more, but I think it is odd that they “update” colors without mentioning it. It would annoy me if I saw a color swatched and went to buy it and then it was something different!

    • Hahahaha Yay!! I now have proof that I am a total nail addict! 😛
      I agree with you 100%! Which is why I ended up getting the new one too. I would hate to have people buy something that is different now. It doesn’t really make sense to me at all. I know of 3 colours they have done this with.

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