1. This purple complements you SO well! Your skin looks tanner!
    And I’m not saying the glitter is ugly but I’m enjoying your freehand tribal there and like that a lot more. You didn’t do a kaki job AT ALL! Looks good

  2. Lesley

    I love the color! That collection has notoriously iffy formulas and here you are making them look beautiful! 😉
    I LOVE it with the glitter. Nothing against your tribal…I just see the glitter with that color and fall into a glitter trance. 😉

  3. Nah, no need to worry M because you killed this freehand! Love it! I am not a huge fan of tribal but this looks awesome together. And Julia was made for That’s Shore Bright. Such a gorgeous freaking purple *adds both to list*

    • Thanks so much T. You are too kind. I still don’t think my freehand rocks but I guess on a tribal is the best place to practice for now 😛 I so agree about Julia. It looks gorgeous!

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