1. Really enjoyed reading all your answers. You have quite a few pets there, lol! Wish Neal would let me get a new puppy every few months!

    Disney World sounds lovely – it’s going to be amazing!

    Thanks for the blog love, Michelle! x

    • Thank you so much Luzanne. Yeah we have quite a few pets. As much as I love ALL of them I would not recommend getting so many. 😛
      I hope so. Even better is New York. Can you imagine the shopping!!! *dies*
      Thank you!! xx

  2. Awh, thank you so very much for the nomination Michelle! It really means a lot! What a pity I can’t nominate you now 🙁 But know this, I would nominate you for this award without even thinking about it twice!
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    • Michelle Roberts

      Aw you are such a sweetheart. Thank you so much Imka. It really means so much to me. xx

  3. I love your answers, wow you have so many animals! I wish I had that many!!
    I’ve done the exact opposite of your dream holiday, a week in NYC over Christmas and a week in Disney World over New Year, it was such fun, you would enjoy it just to take in all the different atmospheres… When you do get the chance make sure you bring warm clothes because NY is freezing in December!

    • Thank you so much Jane! We do have a lot of animals and trust me, you don’t wish you had so many. They are hard work! BUT they are also loveable and cute and adorable, so yes, maybe you do want so many 😉

      Ohhh that sounds like fun! Thank you for the tip. I am not going to lie, the cold weather is a huge attraction for me 😉 I love cold weather and would prefer it to summer any day. Especially the humid hot summers we have.

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