1. Sharon

    Ooo I do love these stampy posts! I love the idea of stamping but have not had much success doing it. I bought the essence stamp kit that you had on one of your earlier posts last year but seem to end up with it dried on the stamp before I can “pick” it up or extraneous polish around the edges….practise, practise and more practise I think. Thanks again for the great posts.
    Love from Cape Town

    • Thanks so much Sharon. I am so sorry you are having a hard time with the stamping. A few questions that might help. Do yo scrape with the scraper that came with it or with a plastic card? Unfortunately it is possible that it dries on the plate if you take a little too long but that is definitely something that will get better with time and practice. I prefer to scrape with a plastic card like an old gift card or bank card type. It scrapes cleaner and doesn’t leave much or damage the plate. Have you by any chance watched my video? It might help some even though it isn’t the best video 😉

      • Sharon

        Thanks Michelle for your reply, I do use the scraper so will swap to the card and I confess I haven’t seen your video yet, I will do so when I get home this afternoon. Thanks for taking the trouble to share these tips. xx

  2. There are a lot of these plates I don’t like, like the Halloween ones cos I’m not into it. I do love all the heart designs though! The chain mail heart on the first plate would look exquisite stamped in silver! Also like the snowflakes and twitter birdies 🙂
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