• You do!! isn’t it gorgeous. I found it at Westwood and only because I am so tall. It was a tucked behind the other colours in the top display. Luckily I knew it was in that collection so was specifically looking for it too. Sneaky Dischem 😛

  1. Lesley

    OMG…you found this polish because of a height advantage?!?! So jealous…I’d be screwed, lol.
    I always see this one in the store and I think it looks great, but I have a Deborah Lippmann from a set that is similar. There is one glitter from this brand I’ve had my eye on forever, though…I need to just get it!

    • Hahahaha don’t be fooled. Being tall has many more disadvantages than advantages 😛 Even though this was a nice one.
      I love it because it looks ‘indie-ish’ and we don’t have (easy) access to them here. I would sell half my height for real proper indies 😛

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