1. Geri

    Expecto Patronum!!!! I love it! Thanks for a cool update Michelle, the color themes are classic!

  2. WOW, wow, wow! Firstly your nails always look incredible and secondly these polishes are insane. Loving the pink one the most, of course. Also I like how you put yellow under the farting unicorn one – perfect combination. 😉

    Don’t even get me started on the names. I would read these online and my shopping cart would be full. *oops*. 😉

    • Thank you SO much for that. High praise coming from you! These polishes are amazing! Of course pink always wins 😉 Hahahaha yes that happened to me too. I *had* to have them all. And I will. just in smaller batches unfortunately 😛
      Thanks so much for reading! xx

  3. Lesley

    I love all of the unicorn praise, hahaha.
    Glad you could get your hands on some indies! I have a few Dollish Polishes from her early days…I think I got them on Etsy!

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