1. I really love Embers Only! And I so agree with you about people ‘testing’ the polishes! If you want to know how it looks look up a swatch… this is why there are so many of us blogging about nails! Luckily I haven’t gotten such a disaster bottle yet but I know I’ll be furious if it happens to me.
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    • Embers only is gorgeous. It is a stunning shade of red and the glitter. LOVE.

      I know right, it’s damn annoying. I’ve had quite a few bad bottles and I know it is because I reuse to open them till they are paid for but I think I need to at least start checking the brushes. gah!

  2. Lesley

    Anchors Away does look nice on you…although I would fear it on myself, haha. The shimmer in Big Daddy is interesting and Ruby Glisten is quite lovely. And definitely a big, giant, mega BOO to people testing products in stores! NO! This is actually a big reason why I don’t shop cosmetics at Wal-Mart here. Their beauty department is always THRASHED and I have physically seen a woman trying on make-up and putting it back there more than once. There are a few brands only carried there, but I’m just like NOPE, I’ll skip ’em! Ew.

    • Uegh it blows my mind. I’ve also seen people try on that stuff and put it back. No man. I wouldn’t want to buy something someone else has used already so why would I do that to someone else. Stupid ass people. I love Anchors away and I think you should give it a shot 😛 It’s a very opaque yellow if that helps 🙂

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