1. zelda

    Love the stamping, got a stamping plate but really battling with the imprints to come out right. Any advice?

    • Thanks Zelda,
      Oh dear, that’s not fun. Let’s see:
      I assume you have removed the protective film from the plate? A few things I can suggest. I am not sure what you are using to scrape but I would suggest using a plastic gift card type of thing. It might also be the polish. If you are not using stamping specific polish, maybe try something different. There are a few normal polishes that work really well so try a few different ones. You might have to ‘prime’ your stamper. I can suggest washing it with warm water and dish wash liquid. If still not you can try to lightly buff the top of the stamper, especially if it is super shiny (What stamper are you using?) Lastly, it could just be that your plate isn’t etched deeply enough. I would start with the scraping and polish and then try the stamper. Also, don’t scrape too hard and don’t press too hard when picking up the image. Scraping too hard can ‘remove’ too much polish from the image so there isn’t enough polish left. Ok really lastly, make sure you aren’t taking too long between scraping and transferring. if it gets dry it won’t pick up.
      PLEASE shout if I can help with anything else. Any specific questions or anything just shout 🙂 Good luck!

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