1. I think they’re cute, but I know the feeling of not being 100% pleased with your post/design! If you want to do the whole one-stroke-flower thing I’d look into some straight brushes. I recently got these http://www.bundlemonster.com/7pc-nail-art-decorating-brushes.html and they worked fabulously on paper. I’m nowhere near skilled enough to get it to work on my actual nails though, haha. I think using acrylic paint is easier than polish, too.
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    • First of all, YOU are nowhere skilled enough? What nonsense is this? That means there is NO hope for me.
      Thank you so much for the recommendation. I have actually heard of this set being amazing for one stroke flowers before. I will definitely have to get me some. I am a little scared of acrylic paint though. Perhaps I should just suck it and get some 😛

  2. I think these are really cute but I didn’t realise they were supposed to be one-stroke. I recommend you watch some youtube videos for one-stroke, I like the ones by Lucy’s Stash and PiggieLuv. You need to use a flat/rectangular shaped brush for it. I also find it’s way easier to do two-colour than one-colour one stroke art so maybe try that!
    I’m surprised nu metro didn’t have a generator. We watched the new Hunger Games on the weekend at a small independent theater and they were still going even though the power only came back on during the movie!
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    • Oh no no no, these are just simple dotting tool flowers. 😛 I would love to do one stroke though and have gone through wheels and wheels of practicing. *sigh*. I will definitely have to look into different brushes. Thanks for the suggestions, Those are also my favourites. I will just spend more time on it. Thanks Kerry.

      Oh the movie was showing but there were no refreshments or anything and we hadn’t eaten the whole day because we wanted to have dinner at Scene. So they just gave as tickets for another time.

  3. As usual you are your own worst critic. I think they look very pretty. Who wants to see perfect daisies in any way? These look natural.

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