1. Ilse

    Hi Michelle, Ive recently purchased the Essence Stampy kit, With additional stamping plates and The Black and white stampy polish. Ive been trying but for some reason I just cant seem to get the nailpolish to transfer onto the stamp. Do you have any tips or suggestions for me?

    • Hi Ilse, How exciting. I am going to ask a few questions which might be obvious but just get the basics out of the way. I assume you have removed the plastic film that covers the plate? Have you tried priming your stamper? In other words you can start by washing it with dishwashing liquid and if still no joy you can try using an emery board type nail file and GENTLY running it over the top of the stamper. Just to roughen up the rubber a bit. Make sure you wipe it down with acetone or something afterwards to make sure no leftover fuzz. Then, I assume you are using the scraper that comes in the set? I actually prefer using a plastic card like an old bank card or an old gift card. I find the metal one removes too much polish when I scrape. Lastly, Are you doing it fast enough? If you take too long the polish will start to dry (remember once you have scraped the polish left behind is a very thin layer and is bound to dry faster than normal polish would.) and this could mean you don’t pick up the image.
      Please let me know about the above and if you have any other questions just shout. I am happy to help. You can also email me if you prefer (I don’t mind either way 🙂 )

      • Ilse

        Hi Again Michelle

        To answer your questions:
        I did remove the plastic film
        I have not primed it, I will try that out, hopefully it will help.
        Ive tried the bank card cos the metal scraper scratched the plates,
        But I think maybe am I pressing to hard with the card to ensure I leave no excess nail polish cos I want a clean transfer.
        I think I am doing it fast enough, I even got hubby to quicky try to pick up the image with the stamper the second i remove the excess polish.
        I notice on your stamping you always do balck of white underneath then top it with a colour polish, The stampy polish? Is it for the nail or is it for transfering the stamp?

        • Hi Ilse,
          So sorry for the late reply.
          It sounds like you’re doing everything right so I would suggest prime the stamper and see if that helps. And yes scraping too hard and also pressing too hard when you pick up the image could definitely affect it. I am not sure if you have seen it or if it would help at all but I did do a video of me stamping forever ago. I still do it the same way but I have changed stampers since. You can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5t0EvC5tlo

          For my tuesday stamping posts yes I use black and white. If I am testing how a polish stamps I think a black and white base is a good test to see how well it shows up. In my normal stamping though I do use other colours. The benefit of the tuesday stamping posts is that I can see what regular polish works well to stamp with and that helps me in nail art as well. I am a big fan of black stamping though so I do still use that combination quite often. The stampy polish is for transferring the image. There are regular polishes you can use to transfer images as well but not all regular polishes will work. Under swatches in my top menu I do have a stamping swatches menu and then sorted by brand. You can check if there are any of the regular polishes you own that might work well for stamping too. Obviously stampy polish works VERY well because it is for that purpose but you will be surprised by some regular polishes as well.
          Hope that helps and please shout any time you have a question 🙂

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