1. Renita

    I looked at these in Dischem yesterday and thought no…let me see Michelle’s swatches first hahaha and also stamping tuesday that’s when I decide what i’m going to get. Also, off topic: did I miss the aquatix collection? i was waiting for it for AGES and still never saw it

    • Hahahaha you’re so sweet. I’ve been stalking my stores for the longest time to be sure to grab them and I am so glad I did. I don’t think the aquatix collection is coming to SA. I get so sad when I see amazing collections that don’t end up coming here 🙁

    • The glitter is definitely gorgeous. I agree the colours aren’t really super unique but purple with purpose is unique to my collection. It’s really pretty. The opacity is also so good that even if just for stamping. You’re right through, the bottles are super cute.

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