1. I love this!!! I am excited to hear how the food tastes and to be honest.. If i didn’t have a home full of mouths to feed, then this would be my go to.

    Nothing worst than having to decide what to cook and this takes all the guess work out of it. Just grab a dish and go!

    Yayy for you!!!
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    • Thanks B! I am really excited to get cracking and see how it goes. I am in love with the idea of not having to cook, not having to think of what to make. Heaven! I hope they will consider doing family packages going forward (or even children packages now that I think about it) because it doesn’t make it easier if you still have cook for some members of the family and Fitchef for the others. Having family packages – with bigger ‘meals – means you can still prepare a healthy fitchef meal the whole family can eat from.
      Thank you so much for your support! xxx

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