1. I love this!!! I am excited to hear how the food tastes and to be honest.. If i didn’t have a home full of mouths to feed, then this would be my go to.

    Nothing worst than having to decide what to cook and this takes all the guess work out of it. Just grab a dish and go!

    Yayy for you!!!
    Briget recently posted…All the feeels..My Profile

    • Thanks B! I am really excited to get cracking and see how it goes. I am in love with the idea of not having to cook, not having to think of what to make. Heaven! I hope they will consider doing family packages going forward (or even children packages now that I think about it) because it doesn’t make it easier if you still have cook for some members of the family and Fitchef for the others. Having family packages – with bigger ‘meals – means you can still prepare a healthy fitchef meal the whole family can eat from.
      Thank you so much for your support! xxx

  2. Daniel

    Hey ! I don’t see any more posts on your progress. How did go ? Did the food make you lose a little weight ?

    Thinking about trying out FitChef for myself. Would be great to know how it went and if you could suggest it as a solid weight loss eating plan ?

    Kind regards,
    Daniel (0747040044 or danielrmaartens@gmail.com)

    • Hi Daniel,

      I apologise for not updating the post (which I will do soon) but I ended up travelling so had to put the month on hold. Here is my opinion though. Fitchef is amazing. I can absolutely see you losing weight, especially if you ONLY stick to the meals. I ended up having a but of trouble with the meals the more I ate. I am extremely fussy and I struggled with the food already prepared in a way that was different to my normal way of preparing food. For example, I don’t eat cinnamon in my pumpkin and all the pumpkin had cinnamon. There was no way for me to remove it. These are silly things but it was quite different to my normal but the food was still tasty and well made. If you aren’t bothered by this there should be no problems. I do believe though that they have changed their packages a bit since I did it. I believe you can now have more control of the pairings. I was a bit concerned about the portion sizes at first but after the second meal I realised they are quite big and after the first week they were almost too big. The smoothies were my favourite part. They were so delicious and I especially enjoyed them before and after gym. Also, the brownies are heavenly!
      Hope this helps and good luck!

  3. Charis Charlton

    Thank you for this. I am about to start on this weight loss journey and found your post very helpful. I am also in Durban!

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