1. Eric

    I googled Fitchef reviews and came to this post and I just have to say thank you!
    I was deciding whether to commit to a Fitchef Kit as I’m just spending way to much on average food from the restaurant at work, and becoming really lazy and un-decisive with cooking after work. This has definitely made me come to a decision to try it out. Did you continue it at all after the first month? Is it worth it?

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I did not continue it. Not because it didn’t work but because it is definitely a very different style of food. Different than I am used to. There were some things I didn’t eat and some I wouldn’t normally do when preparing my own good (like cinnamon in butternut. It’s not my preference). I still enjoyed it and made it work but it’s an adjustment if it’s not similar to your style of cooking. Since then though I have seen that they’ve changed how they offer some meals (where the meat is separate and you can choose if you want it on pasta or rice etc.). I think that might make a big difference. I actually think it is a great alternative for work lunches. I also tried gutsy green for dinners and I loved that you got the fresh (and really super quality) food and recipe and you could cook it yourself. Adjust if there was something you didn’t eat and I learnt a ton of new ways to prepare yum, healthy food. Which has really helped me even after I got the meals.

      Good luck in whatever decision you go with. Fitchef was great but you had little control in the prep and combination options. It’s very convenient and even though different, still edible. The smoothies are amazing!!!
      I liked the gutsy green alternative to learn some new cooking styles and meal combos.

      • Eric

        Okay perfect, thanks for replying. Will give it a shot for a month and see how it goes and will definitely check out gutsy greens thereafter.

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