It’s Pinkmas!

Hello lovelies,

I hope you had a fabulous weekend.  This is my last week of scheduled posts for this year and I thought it should be all about Christmas! So this whole week will be Christmas nail art and even tomorrows Stamping Tuesday will also be Christmas polishes!  Yay!

Right, so start off the week of Christmas it just had to be Pinkmas!  I know you’re not surprised.  You might be surprised if I tell you I can’t decided if I like it.  I saw a nail art look by @badgirlnails and I really wanted to recreate it.  Let me show you.

Pinkmas nail art

Eh, that doesn’t look like much.  Let me show you in the sun

Pinkmas nail artPinkmas nail art

On my index and pinky I started with 2 coats of Starrily – Gamma Ray.  And now we take a moment to gasp at it’s beauty!  On my ring finger I started with 2 coats of Essence – Wild white ways and on my middle finger I started with 1 coat of Essence – I still believe in Santa claus.  Once all of those were dry I added a coat of Essence – Get the party started on my middle finger.  On my ring finger I used a small nail art brush and Essence – I still believe in santa claus to make a small round shape.  I then used the glitter from Essence – Get your party started  and placed it on the sound shape.  Then I used the nail art brush and Starrily – Gamma ray to make the bow on top of the ball and then used Sinful Colors – Black on black to make the ‘string’.  Then I topcoated and that was that.

Even though my freehand skills are still not great and the bow came out super lopsided I think the ball is quite cute.  I am not sure if I love the pink glitter on the gold.  I like the look of it in the lightbox (indoors) but once the sun hits it and all the bits shine I don’t know if it works.  It works on the ball though.  How gorgeous is Gamma ray though?  Let me show you a swatch

Starrily – Gamma ray

Starrily - Gamma ray

This is 2 coats with topcoat in the lighbox.  It is a bright pink super holo.  Even though it looks gorgeous like this and you get a hint of the holo, I an this time show you the real magic in the sun

Starrily - Gamma ray

The holo is so strong that I think my camera spazzed out for a few minutes.  I don’t love taking photos in the sun but for these holo’s there’s no other way to really show off the beauty.  This is a beautiful shade of pink with the most beautiful strong holo.  I am in love with Gamma ray.

What do you think?  Does the pinkmas nail art work and is Christmassy enough? Aren’t you just in love with Gamma ray?  I hope you’re ready for the wee of Christmas nails!

Thanks for reading,


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