1. Renita

    I read this post like I didn’t know what you got lol I am super thrilled that you are so happy with your gift, I was very nervous because how do you buy polish for someone that has all the polish that has ever been made…ever??? I had your stash list open in my browser for weeks haha
    I can’t wait to see the beautiful manis you create with your new goodies 🙂
    btw: Sweet Revenge is by Disturbed Potions and Unicorn Droppngs is by Gloss n Sparkle

    • Wahahahahaha! That’s so funny! I wish I could proper express how much I loved every single thing. I’ve been telling anyone who would listen about my amazing box. At least I had a stash list am I right?!?!? ??? thank you again so so much. I am still blown away by it all. You are the absolute best!! Oh and thank you!!!! I did not know that but now I can update my stash list proper ???

      • Renita

        The stash list reallllly helped…but then you had new polish on the blog every other day-you were giving me grey hair!! Please do keep your stash list updated for your future Santas lol

        • Hahahaha I was worried about that but I kinda hoped that my person had done quite a bit of early shopping 😛
          Oh I definitely will. I think I use my stash list more than anyone else so it imperative that I keep it updated 😛

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