1. Gorgeous!! I might have made the black strips a bit thinner but I think my nails are more narrow than yours. Just wondering, does the shimmer in We got the beet show up on your nails like all the time? Not just when you bend your fingers backwards under a 35 degree angle when it’s overcast and a rainbow is showing and you’re making sure the sun hits your nails from the north?

    • Hahahaha…now that you mention the angle and the rainbow………
      I do find the shimmer visible but it is much more subtle and ‘dull’ in normal indoor light. I find mine has a LOT of shimmer. I do agree about the black strips too. When I made them using the vinyl I was very worried about them being too wide. I actually wanted just a black strip straight up the centre of my nail but I was worried the strip would be too wide and too little of the background would be visible. I think it would’ve been ok now when I look at it but I do think it could’ve been a bit narrower (Heaven help me with that)

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