1. Renita

    So stunning! These colours work so well together.Sadly I can only dream of owning Mundo de Unas ?

    • Thank you so much! The Mundo de Unas is actually not that expensive, it’s the shipping that is a killer. I usually end up ordering with someone so we can split the shipping and that makes a big difference. I would suggest that if you do want to place an order maybe post in PPSA to see if anyone else wants to split. Also, you never know, maybe your Secret Santa will hook you up 😛

  2. You don’t want to know about my week, trust me… Let’s talk about nicer things, for instance that pretty combination of colors. If that yellow was a bit more pale you could have told everyone you had Delft Blue nails 😉

    • Ugh, girl!! I feel you. I had a trying week and it ended up being a really crappy Friday too. Yes, nicer things….thank you so much! Yes! Afterwards I was thinking I should’ve made the base white and it would’ve been perfect Delft nails but theres always next time 😉

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