1. OMG… when I saw that flakie goodness on your nails I sat up straight and when I read Glamaxy was a dupe for Sugar Crush I googled it and… it’s a dupe for the highly coveted (by me), extremely hard to find essie Sign of the Times!!! I’m SO going to order multiple bottles of this one (as I can now order online from our drugstore and pick it up in the store… no way I’m going to risk it’s sold out).

    Phew… now that that is done (and three bottles are going to be MINE… woohahahaa… oops, sorry about my mad side showing) what’s up with the mind reading, woman? I’ve just finished a smoosh manicure (not on all nails though). I think we need to find a 12 step program for you to get back to normal (whatever that may be 😉

    • Yeeesssssss!!!!! I am so glad I am not the only freaking out by the awesome of Glamaxy. I have also in the mean time grabbed myself 2 more bottles!

      Hahahaha I love it when we are (kinda) on the same wavelength. But then I am not surprised when I am inspired by your nails so often. Also, I know this is late to respond to comments but I think I am out of the phase!!!!!!

    • RIGHT!!!!! She is the cutest. I did post some on Instagram but it’s been so chaotic here lately I am afraid she isn’t getting a fair shake in the attention and social media department 😛

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