1. Renita

    Hold the door and after all this time? Always hit me right in the feels ? such beautiful polishes! I can’t pick a fav

    • yyeeesss!!!! I thought I had gotten the feels over with when the collection first came out but I must admit, it was quite emotional swatching this. Hold the door….ugh.

  2. I’m not going to look at your posts with swatches anymore! For some reason my wishlist keeps growing!! I mean, Hold the Door and I Will Find You magically found their way there and it took a lot to keep You Can’t Live away from there… *mutters something about a stupid budget that should have been flexible*

    • Budgets are for quitters!!! 😛

      Look, I know what you’re saying but really the problem is with the makers of this awesome polish. I am actually just doing you a favour to show you which ones you would like BEFORE buying them. I am innocent here. keep reading my swatch posts!!!!! 😛

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