1. Eish… Woke up this morning remembering about the muddy Princess as well. I am quite literally freaking out.. Hahahahaha!!!!
    But more importantly, this Polish!!! This mani!!! It makes me deliriously happy!!!

    • I am SO scared about Muddy Princess but I also think I may be a little excited. Maybe we should just each grab a bottle of wine out the door and see what happens 😛
      Thanks B! I am a big fan of this polish. 😀

  2. I just googled Muddy Princess… good luck on training for that one!

    This manicure is so adorable!! I started to smile just looking at the pictures 🙂

    • hahaha Do you want to come over and join us for Muddy Princess? I think we could make a blast out of it! 😛

      Thank you so much! I felt the same about this polish, it’s just so …..happy!!

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