1. Hmmmm… my week isn’t worse but it isn’t much better either. I want weekend! And a big bucket of ice cream! Chocolate ice cream! With sprinkles… and a blanky, just for comfort (and because the big bucket is cold 😉 )

    Having said that (read: whined enough) I love both of them and they are different enough to own both. Of course I don’t own either but I have another one that may look similar, Zoya Dream, so I won’t complain (much).

    • Ugh hopefully by now we both have much less reason to eh. I am however ALWAYS up for that ice-cream and sprinkles #justsaying

      I have a bit – ok a lot – of jealousy that you have Zoya Dream. I am willing to say you would win this round. Dream is beautiful!!

  2. Thanks Mich. They both stunning but I like the blue of LA girl…. And the Flakies of friends don’t lie… lets combine them ?

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