Colour blocks and stripes nail art

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The weekend might have been long but we kind of just jumped back into the week like it never existed.  Have you had a good week so far? Mine’s been good, busy but good.  I don’t even know how we got to Wednesday so fast to be honest 😉  Did I mentioned we got some guinea pigs?  They are just the cutest little things but man oh man do they need to be won over.  I don’t think they got a lot of human attention before so they are a little skittish but I think I am slowly starting to win their trust.  Hoping to get some decent photos of them soon so that I can really introduce Curly, Larry and Moe to everyone.

I really like monochrome but I also like bright pops of colour.  This idea started off a little differently but I kinda liked the direction it went anyway.  Let me show you

Colour block and stripes nail artColour block and stripes nail art

I started with 2 coats of Sinful Colors – Snow me white on all my nails and left that to dry completely.  I then stamped on all my nails using Mundo de Unas – Black and Lina Feeling shapely 1.  This gave me the stunning stripes.  I then stamped on my ring and middle finger using Lina Feeling Shapely 9.  I first stamped the one triangle on each nail with Mundo de Unas – White and then stamped over that with Mundo de Unas – Yellow.  I then repeated the process again with the triangles slightly overlapping.  Doing a white triangle first and then another one over it using Mundo de Unas – Green.  I topcoated and ta-daaaa.

Colour block and stripes nail art

What do you think? Firstly, the stamped stripes are just delicious.  I tend to lean toward striping tape when I want stripes because they are more crisp and solid.  This plate has really nice stripes though.  I think the Feeling Shapely 01 plate is probably one of my most used so far.  With the layering options and those basic shapes and patterns we all love.  I also really like the brighter pops of colour with the monochrome stripes.  I kinda liked it.

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  1. Again those plates… 😉
    I really like the idea but I think it would look even better if the triangles were a bit smaller.
    Don’t change the colors though, they look great together!

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