1. This looks beautiful! I’m trying to save my polish money for “those plates” but these powders are so tempting… especially since I don’t need gel polish to use them with… *grabs wallet and throws it across the room to try and save her bank account*

    • First of all, ‘those plates’ really need to be on your list and right at the top BUT. The powders are really affordable and if you wait till Black Friday you would probably get them at a steal. I have had a ton of powders and these are by FAR the best I’ve used to far. EASY peasy and beautiful!

  2. Hehe Joyce is so funny. What gel top coat did you use? Also I’m assuming that the waterbased top coat would work too? Also this is stunning!! I love the combination of the flakies and the powder.

    • She’s a card! :P. I used the one from Planet Nails but yes, the water based one could as well. The only reason I used gel was for the smoother finish. My one nail has a ridge so it was very visible with regular topcoat on the chrome.
      Thank you so much! xx

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