1. Pretty mani! I like both polishes used. I haven’t bought China glaze nail polish in a really long time, I’m a little out of the “polish world”. I see I have to get back, I miss it!

  2. Oh, that looks pretty! I own Mimosa’s too so I pulled it out and quickly painted a nail to see what mine looks like.
    Shimmer hardly visible: check!
    More orange than coral: nope, mine is definitely coral.
    Maybe different batches? Mine is ancient, I think I bought it way back in 2013 when it was released (you know, when we were JUST out of kindergarten 😉 )

    • Flip you make me laugh. I think I was just starting kindergarten that year 😛

      I am surprised at the difference. I definitely suspect there is a batch issue. When I google image search I can see a ton of the coral variety but I can also see a few of the orange variety. Or maybe it needs a few more minutes in the shaker. Very strange. And thank you!

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