1. This looks beautiful!!! I love that you used different flowers and that color is SO pretty…
    Yep, I’m so going to do this manicure again with other colors and finishes. So it’s all your fault if my blogs become boring with the same design over and over again :p

    Oh, we have an excess of cold… like -10 degrees C. Want some? Just come and get it!! *looks at frozen fingers and toes and dreams of summer*

    • Thanks so much Joyce. How about the both of us just spend every week recreating this and then no one can complain about boring 😛

      I would give my left boob for some cold right now. I just love cold weather and this humidity and heat is a killer. I keep hoping we will finally get autumn weather at least 😛

  2. The first thing I noticed is that you too used an Ulta3. So I first had a chuckle at that.

    I just love the original, so obviously I love this too. The design is stunning. I like that your stripes are different though.

    I love it!

    • Thank you so much! I wish I had gone with a different colour but I was jut so drawn to watermelon that I had to use it. I am just going to use it as an excuse to do this again with all the colours 😛

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