Friday Triad – Inspired by @paulinaspassions

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Happy Friday! FINALLY!  I am so glad to see the weekend here.  Seriously I am melting in this heat and humidity and I just want to lie under the aircon, do nothing but relax and cool down proper.  I am also sure that won’t happen but a girl lives to dream and right now my dream is cooler weather.  I don’t ask for much right? :P. What are you doing this weekend? Have any fun plans?  I am excited to show you todays nails so let’a get cracking!

It’s time for another Friday Triad with  Juanita and Joyce .  So once a month we will make turns choosing someones nail art to use as inspiration for this post.  You can look forward to these posts on the last friday of each month.  This month it was my turn to choose. I chose this post by Paulinas Passions and I absolutely love the colours, the stamping, just the whole combination.  I don’t ever consider what I would do with the choice (and this sometimes comes back to bite me) but I generally choose something that just appeals to me.  This might be one of those times it comes back to bite me….. Let me show you what I did.

Friday Triad - Inspired by Paulinas passionsFriday Triad - Inspired by Paulinas passions

I started with 2 coats of Ulta3 – Watermelon on my pinky and index and 2 coats of Sinful Colors – Snow me white on my middle and ring finger.  Once that was completely dry I went to work with the stamping.  I first started with making the decals of the flowers.  I stamped using BPL-029 and Mundo de Unas – Black and then I coloured in the flowers using Ulta3 – Watermelon. I only wanted to use a specific part of the image (the flowers).  The image had 2 flowers next to or close to each other so I isolated those and I also suspected I might need more than 1 so I did 2 and left that to dry completely.  While it was drying I started with the lines.  I stamped on my ring finger using Lina – Make your mark 02 and Mundo de Unas – Black. On my middle nail I used the same image and polish but only stamped a part of my nail. I then added the flowers to the other side of my middle nail, layering the flowers as well.  I topcoated and ta-daa!

Friday Triad - Inspired by Paulinas passions

I didn’t really intend to recreate but I did love the combination and the colour immediately reminded me of this stunning polish.  Of course I didn’t have the polish or the stamping plate she used so I struggled to figure out what I could use.  For split second I was considering using completely different colours but I kept coming back this polish.  Eventually, I just made it work as best I could.  I really really like it though. What do you think? Don’t forget to check out Joyce and Juanita, I am so excited to see what they come up with!

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  1. This looks beautiful!!! I love that you used different flowers and that color is SO pretty…
    Yep, I’m so going to do this manicure again with other colors and finishes. So it’s all your fault if my blogs become boring with the same design over and over again :p

    Oh, we have an excess of cold… like -10 degrees C. Want some? Just come and get it!! *looks at frozen fingers and toes and dreams of summer*

    • Thanks so much Joyce. How about the both of us just spend every week recreating this and then no one can complain about boring 😛

      I would give my left boob for some cold right now. I just love cold weather and this humidity and heat is a killer. I keep hoping we will finally get autumn weather at least 😛

  2. The first thing I noticed is that you too used an Ulta3. So I first had a chuckle at that.

    I just love the original, so obviously I love this too. The design is stunning. I like that your stripes are different though.

    I love it!

    • Thank you so much! I wish I had gone with a different colour but I was jut so drawn to watermelon that I had to use it. I am just going to use it as an excuse to do this again with all the colours 😛

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