1. I’m boring when it comes to phone covers. I have had the same one for almost four years now (yep, my phone is THAT old), a plain black leatherlook with a window in it that allows me to pick up phonecalls, read messages and some other small tasks without opening it. And when I get a new phone I’ll probably go for the same kind of cover 😉
    Having said that, I love how you translated the design to a manicure. It looks great!

    • I must be honest, I usually get a cover when I get a new phone and that’s about it. This time I actually have a pink phone (ok…ok…rose gold) so I had a clear-ish cover. I initially didn’t think I would use this one but it is such a nice cover I have actually kept it on all this time. I love the design too. Thanks so much! x

  2. Your interpretation of the phone cover on your nails is perfect! I am so tired too. I had a long week at work (or at least it felt like it dragged forever) and my weekend is going to be busy with my nephew’s pre-birthday party. I hope I can get some rest on Sunday!

    • I am so late with responding (my apologies) but I spotted some of your nephews birthday photos on IG. I remember how busy those things can be. It’s days of prep! Hope you’ve recovered since 😉
      Thanks so much for the compliment.

  3. I absolutely love this! You did a great job even without having a stamping plate with palm tree leaves.

    Like Joyce I had my old phone for about four years too with a similar cover to hers without the window, and now I have a clear silicone cover just to protect against knocks.

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