1. Pretty!!!
    Of course my OCD is screaming murder at the different overlaps but you probably guessed that already. I love the colors… I would definitely pick something similar if it were fall :p

    • Hahahahahahahahaha yeah I feel you so hard. I had hoped for a neat different look but instead I got something twitchy. I would’ve redone it too if there wasn’t so much waiting for stuff to dry involved. 😛

  2. TBH I didn’t even see that the over laps were different, until I got to the part where you mention it!! I love it though, but how can you not consider Joyce’s OCD??? 😀

    • I know right. So rude to not consider Joyce’s OCD :P. I actually just commented to her that it drove me crazy and was kinda all I could see but the wait time between coats was a bore so there was no way I was going back to change it :P. Thank you though xx

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