1. Oh my gosh! You totally nailed it! You checked all the relevant boxes and I think it totally goes.

    I love electric carnival, I don’t think it’s one that I would get, but I’m sure if I had it I would use it a lot!

  2. I can only agree with Juanita: you nailed it!

    Of course inquiring minds want to know what your original ideas were, but I’m not so sure any other ideas would have been better. I love the flakies base (can you imagine I have exactly ZERO multichrome flakie polishes?) and the stamping shows plenty of it… great job!

    • Hahaha I actually had a polish in mind but when I used it it was incredibly hard to see the stamping. I then tried another one but it was also a bit too dark. I tried a few other images to stamp as well. Someone suggested I try this polish and I liked that it was quite a bit lighter so I just had to use it.

      Also, I can highly recommend the multi chrome flakie polishes. They are so gorgeous. I actually got the loos flake powder about the same time as my flakie polishes and I actually think the flakie powder is very nice for variety. But the polishes are just gorgeous!

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