1. Renita

    Skin? What skin? *Goes back to look* I only ever notice the nails?? love the mani but I’m not sure about this polish. On my phone it looks grey. Mayyyyybe a little lilac but blue? Nope

    • Yaaassssss!!! Thank you!! I never notice the skin but then I noticed a few comments on IG and I was wondering if I am the odd one (or more odd I should say)

      You are 100% right. It’s a really dumb name for the polish. There is no blue. It is definitely more lilac in the bottle but is very grey. I almost want to say lilac toned grey.

      • I don’t know you guys, on the monitor I’m on right now, it’s blue. Like a pale sky blue, slightly lilac… And I never look at anything but the nails, so don’t worry about your skin tone, unless someone says something and then you can just punch them 😀

  2. Your skin still looks healthy compared to my deadly pale phalanges 😉
    And I’m with Juanita… expect maybe kick them as you might break a nail punching!

    *wonders if Michelle’s still dead and if she should start to claim her plate-n-polish collection*

    • Wahahahaha you are the funniest. I love your pale phalanges 😉

      I am definitely going with the option with the least chance of nail breaking. And NO! Back away from the stash! 😉

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