Friday Triad reboot

Hey guys

It’s been a week!  Well, not even a week but the last few days have felt like a week.  We woke up to no water on Sunday morning and we only got water back again last night.  Yes, that’s 3 whole days without water.  It was not fun.  How has your week been?  Hopefully a lot better and including a lot more water 😛

You probably know all about the Friday Triad we do but if you’re new here, once a month Juanita , Joyce and I will make turns choosing someones nail art to use as inspiration for a post on the last Friday of every month. In my June Friday Triad post I mentioned that I had done more than one version because I was so inspired.  One version was scrapped because it looked too similar to a previous post but I tried a ‘goth and dark’ version.  I really liked it but yeah, it was too similar.  Then I also did a purple version.  Let me show you,

Friday Triad reboot - The purple versionFriday Triad reboot - The purple version

I started with 2 coats of Sally Girl – Grape sorbet on my index and middle nail and 2 coats of China Glaze – Minimalist momma on my pinky and ring finger.  Once it was all dry I stamped on my pinky and ring finger using BP-L006 and Mundo de Unas – Lilac.  While that was drying I started making the flowers.  I stamped using BPL-029 and Mundo de Unas – Light gold and then I used Color Club – Eternal beauty and ILNP – Walking home to colour in the roses. I used Pure Ice – Free spirit and Pure Ice – Saddle me up for the leaves.  I placed some of the flowers close to my cuticle on my ring finger and then filled up my whole middle nail with the flowers.  I topcoated everything and that was that.

Friday Triad reboot - The purple version

I had a bit of a hard time choosing which one to use my for my Friday Triad post.  I wanted to do something different which is why I went with this one but when I recreated it I really really like how it turned out as well.  I can’t choose which one was the better idea.  What do you think?  Which one do you prefer?

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  1. It’s definitely pretty but I’ve seen the “real” Triad post and I like that one better, if only by a tiny little bit 😉

    • Aww thanks Joyce! I like the ‘real’ one because it’s just such a beautiful combo (obvs because it was used as inspiration too) but I like that this one is different.

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