52 week nail art challenge – Week 29: Fandom

Hello lovelies,

Did you have a good weekend?  It has been super freezing and I kinda love it.  I am also frozen but I can love and hate it at the same time right? 😉 What did you get up to?  Are you ready for the week?  Other than June, it seems July is at least moving along at a decent pace.

Time for another week of #52weeknailchallenge hosted by Polish Portfolio.  As always, you can follow this # to see what other people are creating and you can find the list of prompts for this year below.

The prompt this week is fandom and I have to be honest, I cheated.  I immediately went to the Secret Santa group girls for advice and it really came down to what I had available what would be easiest for me. I know I know, that’s terrible.  But here we are with something still cute I think.  Let me show you,

52weekchallenge - Fandom52weekchallenge - Fandom

I started with 2 coats of Essence – Wild white ways on my pinky and ring finger and 2 coats of Essence – Fame fatal on my middle and index and I left that to dry completely.  I then stamped the black Mickey Mouse heads on my pinky and ring finger using Star nails Minnie x Mickey plate from Mundo de Unas and Mundo de Unas – Black.  I stamped the Mickey head and little Mickey body using the same plate and first using Mundo de Unas – White and then double stamped with Black.  I topcaoted everything and that was that.

52weekchallenge - Fandom

I have a special place in my heart for Mickey Mouse.  I think my love was reignited when Wian also fell in love with Mickey and I drop all the way to PTA with a huuuuuuuge giant Mickey Mouse next to me in the passanger seat.  Mickey is classic and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t think he is cute.  Granted, this was maybe not the most original nail art but I liked it anyway.  What do you think?

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