Green and gold swirls

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Just the other day I was talking about how it has warmed up and I am not ready for summer.  Well, it is icy cold again and I am grateful for the delay.  Has your week gone well?  Any fun weekend plans?

When I received ILNP – Salem I just fell in love.  This was one of those polishes that I love so much so I kept ‘saving it’ for the right time.  I always end up doing this and I am trying to force myself to use the gorgeous stuff.  So here we are.  I knew I had to use it and today I did.  Let me show you the polish first and then what I did with it

ILNP – Salem

ILNP - SalemILNP - Salem

This is 3 coats with no topcoat.  This is a black jelly packed with a green to purple (Burgundy) shift.  I would call this polish green because that is the predominant colour for me but you can see the shift on the edges of my nails and also the edges of the bottle. In the bottle I can see the red and gold shift too but on the nail it is definitely more green to purple.  Here is a slight change in angle to see more.

ILNP - Salem

This polish is just glorious.  It has a beautiful formula and even dries pretty fast (especially with 3 coats).  I can say I don’t think any photo I have ever seen (mine included) really did this polish justice.  It looked way more gorgeous in person.  Let me show you what I did with it.

Green and gold swirlsGreen and gold swirls

I started with 3 coats of ILNP – Salem on my ring, middle and index and 2 coats of LA Girl – Sands of time on my pinky.  I then stamped the swirls on my middle and index using Lina – Twirls & swirls 01 and Mundo de Unas – Light gold. I topcoated my index, middle and ring fingers and left the pinky textured.

Green and gold swirls

What do you think?  Isn’t this polish gorgeous? Do you think the art works? I feel like it might be a little predictable to add the gold and swirls but what can I say. I like it.  This polish is just gorgeous too so it makes it easy to pair anything with it.  I’m already wanting to use it again so I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions. 😉

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  1. Green and gold… what’s not to love? Especially with a gorgeous green like that!
    Oh, I know… gold texture, and you added that as well… perfection!!

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