1. Cindi

    This is cute. I know what you mean by multiple attempts and finally just being over it. I’ve got some posted that I settled on but they certainly weren’t my best. I was too tired, bored, lazy, hungry, etc. to care. – yep, over it. I have a lot of artists that inspire me but it’s freehand and that isn’t my strongest. I chose Mary Blair for her use of bold primary colors and whimsical patterns. I was going to attempt Starry Night or The Scream or some take off of American Gothic, but I wanted more original and different. I love Mary Blair’s artwork as I am a Disney addict and she has a fun whimsical colorful style that is unique.

    • I am so inspired by all the amazing art you mentioned in your comment. I guess my problem always comes in when it comes to translating onto the nails. Yeah, there comes a point when you realise it is time to just pack it in and use what you have. I am so glad I am not the only one 😛

  2. I can totally see what you mean… but it’s a good attempt and there has to be a manicure that is at the bottom of the awesome top 31, right?

    For next time, just google “children’s scribble drawing”. If I ever get dragged into this 31 Day Craziness I’ll probably use that 😉

    • Hahahahaha I love the way you just put this into perspective, Even I feel ok with it now :P.
      That is a brilliant idea. One of the previous years I actually used a ‘painting’ by my then 2 year old godson. I should definitely do that again!

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