1. I love the base! I think it might have looked even prettier with a brighter image, maybe something mint or silver?
    Just wondering, how hard was it to remove all that glitter? I keep forgetting to use peel off base when I use something with glitters…

    • Ohhhh I think you’re onto something. I do think the red gets a bit dull with the glitter and even though it looked skin person, I can definitely see something mint and or silver looking so much better.

      It was actually pretty easy BUT I use the Wet n Wild protective base (it has a purple tint) and for some reason this turns into peel off base coat on me. It doesn’t just pop off unless it’s been a few days but I can manoeuvre it pretty easily and then I can just feel it up. This polish comes off more like a regular polish than a glitter bomb though.

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