1. Beautiful!!! And the meaning behind the flowers makes it even more special 🙂

    The flowers with the most meaning to me are muscari (if that’s what they are called in English, we call them blauwe druifjes over here) and snow drops. The muscari were my dad’s favorite and the last thing I gave him before he passed away. I still have that exact same plant in my backyard and every spring it’s like he’s saying Hi when the flowers appear. And the snow drops are the first flowers to appear every year and they remind me that no matter what happens, there’s always something new waiting to start.
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    • Ah that is so beautiful! What a lovely reminder and connection to have. My dad loved gardening and when we bought this house we had great plans for him to do things in the garden. Unfortunately he never got to move in so I am trying to do a small veggie garden anyway.It’s such a nice connection.

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