1. Donna

    Hi Michelle –

    Thanks for all the great stamping posts, I have been enjoying them for some time now.

    I am not great when it comes to stamping. I have been using Mundo de Unas for years now. I hate the smell & the long shipping time from Mexico, and their ,metallic & glitter colors are really limited. But – they are the most forgiving stamping polish for someone who frequently makes mistakes & needs to remove the stamped image & try it again. If I use shipping tape I can remove MdU 99% of the time, even if it’s been on my nail for a while, and it only very rarely messes up my basae color.

    My question to you – have you found any other polish that stamp well & that can be removed if you make a mistake (without damaging your base color)?

    Thanks again,

    • Hi Donna,

      I’m not Michelle but I figured she wouldn’t mind me sharing a trick I’ve used for years (and if she does, she can always remove my comment 😉 )
      Before stamping I always paint a layer of fast drying top coat on my base (I use Seche Vite). When that is dry, I stamp and if I make a mistake I can remove it with a piece of scotch tape or a lint roller, or even a cotton pad with some nail polish remover that I swipe over my nail very lightly. If I used nail polish remover, I first paint another thin layer of top coat before I try again.
      I have never tried MdU btw., I use normal polishes or stamping polishes that can double as normal polishes to do my stamping.

      Hope this helps,
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    • Hi Donna. Apologies for the late response and thank you Joyce for answering in the mean time <3
      I have the same advice as Joyce. I usually add a topcoat over my base before stamping. That helps me remove the stamping if necessary. I can easily remove it with tape or a lint roller and if it has been a while then a slight wipe with remover does the trick.
      Hope that helps!

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